This is a purely volunteer service. We make no guarantees, implied or otherwise, that when you file a report about a missing person in your family we will find him or her. However, we do promise that we will do our utmost and pursue all open avenues because we care.

People who report that they have found a person they suspect to be missing must try to give all possible details about time and place where they have seen that person and also upload a photo captured using mobile phone or digital camera. We are considering opening a phone line to help you phone in details for prompt action.

We are doing this as a purely social service to help the community with no other intention and we are doing it with an altruistic motive, not for money. If anyone approaches you in our name and asks for money let us know immediately and also report them to authorities. Should anyone extract money under false pretense stating to represent us, you alone are responsible and we are not liable for any claims. We are not running a paid service. We do not have any “authorized agents”, only volunteers who work for free.